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Curtin, Richard, University of Michigan
Cyffka, Kristen
Czaplewski, Meredith


Dahir, Veronica
Daily, Gail
Damiano, Peter
Danhier, Julien, Université libre de Bruxelles Group for research on Ethnic Relation, Migration and Equality (GERME)
Darling, Natalie
de Bruijne, Marika, CentERdata, Tilburg University
de Haan, Jos, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP)
de Leeuw, Edith D
DeBakey, Samar
DeCamp, Whitney
Dever, Jill, RTI International
Dewey, Susan, University of Wyoming
Díaz de Rada, Vidal, Public University of Navarra Department of Sociology
DiCamillo, Mark
Diego-Rosell, Pablo, Gallup
Dillman, Don A., Washington State
Dillman, Don
Diop, Abdoulaye
Dirkz, Gerry
DiSogra, Charles
Doane, Michael J.
Duan, Shu

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