Vol 1, No 5 (2008)

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF HTML
John Kennedy
Race-Matching: Interviewers’ Reactions to the Race-matching Process PDF HTML ()
P Denise Cobb, Cindy Boland-Perez, Patricia LeBaron
The Longitudinal Study of American Youth: Notes on the First 20 Years of Tracking and Data Collection PDF HTML ()
Linda K Kimmel, Jon D Miller
Explaining the Convergence Mystery: A Tautology Problem? PDF HTML
David Moore
The Experts Reply on the Poll Convergence Mystery PDF HTML ()
John Kennedy
The Evolution of Audio Recording in Field Surveys PDF HTML ()
M Rita Thissen, Sridevi Sattaluri, Emily McFarlane
A Psephological Analysis of the US Presidential Election from Britain PDF HTML
Robert Worcester

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