Vol 1, No 3 (2008)

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF HTML
John Kennedy
How Much Do Americans Like Jews?: Approaches to Social Attitude Measurement PDF HTML
Sid Groeneman
Issues Facing the Field: Alternative Practical Measures of Representativeness of Survey Respondent Pools PDF HTML
Robert M Groves, J Michael Brick, Mick Couper, William Kalsbeek, Brian Harris-Kojetin, Frauke Kreuter, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Trivellore Raghunathan, Barry Schouten, Tom Smith, Roger Tourangeau, Ashley Bowers, Matthew Jans, Courtney Kennedy, Rachel Levenstein, Kristen Olson, Emelia Peytcheva, Sonja Ziniel, James Wagner
A Review of the Cross-Cultural Survey Guidelines Website PDF HTML
Beth-Ellen Pennell, Kristen Akcser, Janet Harkness
Ask the Experts – Experiences With Cell Phone Samples PDF HTML
John Kennedy
Cultural Differences: Why Do Asians Avoid Extreme Responses? PDF HTML
Rui Wang, Brian Hempton, John P Dugan, Susan R Komives

ISSN: 2168-0094
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