Vol 2, No 5 (2009)

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF HTML
John Kennedy
How Many Scale Points Should I Include for Attitudinal Questions? PDF HTML
Aaron Maitland
Can Survey Respondents with Visual Deficits Complete My Web Survey? PDF HTML
Lawrence A Malakhoff
Summaries of Address-Based Sampling Presentations at the AAPOR Annual Meeting PDF HTML
Michael W Link, Gail Daily, Charles D Shuttles, L Tracey Yancey, Anh Thu Burks, H Christine Bourquin
Practical Considerations in Raking Survey Data PDF HTML
Michael P Battaglia, David C Hoaglin, Martin R Frankel
An Experimental Test of a Strategy to Maintain Contact with Families Between Waves of a Panel Study PDF HTML
Katherine McGonagle, Mick Couper, Robert Schoeni
Analyzing the Cost-Effectiveness of Using Return Receipt and Address Corrections in Mail Surveys PDF HTML
Heather L Stuckey, Neil Malhotra, Barbara A Sims, Marian R Walters
Obtaining Responses by Mail or Web: Response Rates and Data Consequences PDF HTML
Glenn D Israel

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