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Survey Practice is an e-journal published by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. The mission of Survey Practice is to provide current information on issues in survey research and public opinion that is useful to survey and public opinion practitioners, new survey researchers, and those interested in survey and polling methods. The articles in Survey Practice emphasize useful and practical information designed to enhance survey quality by providing a forum to share advances in practical survey methods, current information on conditions affecting survey research, and interesting features about surveys and people who work in survey research.


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Vol 10, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents


Characteristics of the Population of Internet Panel Members HTML PDF
John M Boyle, Tala H Fakhouri, Naomi Freedner-Maguire, Ronaldo Iachan
The Prospects of Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing in Group Settings in Developing Countries: A Comparison Between a Tablet- and Paper-Based Survey Among Secondary School Teachers in Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya HTML PDF
Line Kuppens, Arnim Langer
Pretesting Survey Questions Via Web Probing – Does it Produce Similar Results to Face-to-Face Cognitive Interviewing? HTML PDF
Timo Lenzner, Cornelia E Neuert
Improving upon Bogardus: Creating a More Sensitive and Dynamic Social Distance Scale HTML PDF
Darin M. Mather, Stephen W. Jones, Scott Moats
The Complexities of Recruiting Participants for a Statewide Education Survey HTML PDF
Christin Mokher, Juliana Louise Pearson
Recruiting Hard-to-Reach Populations: The Utility of Facebook for Recruiting Qualitative In-Depth Interviewees HTML PDF
Marc D. Weiner, Orin T. Puniello, Paul C. Siracusa, Jocelyn Elise Crowley
Media:Time - A New Time-Use Survey Method to Capture Today’s Media Use HTML PDF
Annemarie Wennekers, Alke Bassler, Nathalie Sonck, Sjoerd Pennekamp, Henk Fernee, Jos de Haan

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